One Year at YouVersion


One Year at YouVersion

Mar 18, 2016

Summary of my 1st year as an iOS developer.

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I never thought I would be where I am today

Backup a few years ago to when I was just finishing up high school in Oregon. My goals were to enjoy the summer and bask in the fact that I just finished high school. I planned on going straight into college once the summer ended and start my path in pursuing a computer science degree. First attend two years at the local community college to save money, then finish the final two years at Portland State University to get my bachelors degree in computer science. Once I was qualified I could then get a job as a developer, preferable iOS, then eventually find a girl to marry and share my success with.

I had a pretty solid plan for the next 5 years of my life. God however had a different plan in mind.

I ended up taking a break from college to devote my full attention to self teaching myself all I could about iOS development. Treehouse played a pretty big part in this. I came to a point where I felt confident enough to start interviewing for a iOS developer position. My girlfriend at the time, now my amazing wife, received and email from the YouVersion Bible App detailing some open development positions they currently had open. She suggested that I should apply there. I gave it a shot even though I thought I didn't have the skills to be apart of something that huge.

I was offered a job at one of the most frequently used apps on my phone. This was very humbling since I had to make it through a very intense interviewing process. I still cannot believe what an opportunity I have today to work on something so meaningful.

This past year working here at YouVersion I have learned so much and have grown exponentially in my personal, professional, and spiritual self. I have had a chance to work on a ton of new features in the app. Some include:

This has been an amazing year. I cannot wait for the next to come.